Go Wadi Bashing For Your Safari Tour In Dubai

Wadi bashing definitely counts as one of the more adrenaline-racing activities you could experience in Dubai. A modern-dayArabian adventure to the core, it is 4-wheel vehicles instead of camels that will help you tame the endless wadis in the Dubai deserts.
Wadis in the Middle East are essentially rocky riverbeds which have dried up. What a wadi bashing adventure is not is for the faint-hearted, as it involves expert maneuvering of the vehicle on part of the driver.
Of course, you could also hire the services of a professional wadi driver but you will still be rattled about in

Evening Desert Safari , Arabian Adventure

Evening Desert Safari , Arabian Adventure

your seat as he conquers the harsh grounds. Nonetheless, for an Arabian adventure that veers to the extreme, wadi bashing offers a lasting thrill.

One World suggests visiting the Emirate for this Dubai City activity between the months of October and April. Also, unless you have an experience of driving through miles of unalterable rough terrain, we strongly recommend you ask for the services of a trained driver.
It is quite possible to lose yourself in the vast desert regions but with a trained driver or guide you can get the most out of your wadi bashing adventure.
One of the best wadis to traverse in a 4WD is Fossil Rock along the Sharjah-Al Dhaid route. Breath-taking vistas and scenic views are part and parcel of every wadi bashing safari tour in Dubai. If you are in the mood to rough it out, you could carry your sleeping bags and spend the night in the wilderness under the clear night sky.
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