India voted as top global destination for UAE travelers

India has been voted as top future global destination for UAE travellers, as per the Visa Global Travel Intentions Survey 2011.
While India gained 27percent votes, the UK followed with 23 percent and Singapore with 20percent as top future global destinations for UAE travellers. The results were announced after surveying nearly 503 UAE residents, as part of a global study by 11,620 respondents from 23 countries around the world.

The top destinations visited b UAE travellers during the past two years were India (44percent), followed by Malaysia, UK and Egypt all tied at 14 percent each.

With such a diverse cultural constitution in the UAE, India has been a consistently popular tourist destination for people living in the UAE. The reason for India being favourite destination, may be because it is home to large population of expatriate Indians, working in the UAE, and also due to its close proximity and excellent value travel links and exotic reputation, making it a desired location to visit, said Kamran Siddiqui, General Manager, Visa Middle East.

The United Kingdom (UK) was also among the top choices for both UAE and global travellers overall, with majority of respondents who wanted to visit the UK claimed that they intended to participate in a sporting event. The forthcoming London2012 Olympic Games could be a major factor for it being a top attraction for travellers, said Ross Jackson, Head of Cross-Border Business, Asia Pacific, Central Europe, Middle East and Africa, Visa.

According to the research, travellers from UAE have spent more than US$1801 over the past two years, and these are likely to grow to US$2,367 in next two years, it said.

The survey revealed that availability of good deals, natural scenery, political stability, good weather and new locations are some of the major factors that have influenced the choice of destination among global travellers’.


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