New travel packs by Dubai RTA to woo tourists

Aiming to draw more tourists into Dubai, the RTA has launched re-designed travel packs.
Named Terhaal, the packages are available at all metro stations, apart from promotional coupons, vouchers and two silver NoI cards worth Dh.14 each, and a map providing info about Dubai’s public transport modes and Dubai tourist destinations.

According to Dr. Aysha Al Busmait, Director – Marketing and Corporate Communication, RTA, the pack is priced at Dh.65, though actually it is worth Dh.1000.

The Dubai Travel Pass aims to help the tourist population in Dubai. The RTA wanted to offer tourist with better access to public transport system, and offer them information regarding use of various transportation modes during their stay here. Hence, the content of the pack is quite informational, educational, and targets visitors.

The promotional coupons are also open to general public. The choices of coupons are based on an understanding, presuming what tourists do when they come to Dubai. The coupons also offer discounts at water theme park, shopping destinations, fine dining restaurants and adventure sports.

Discounts are offered on services such as RTA water taxis, apart from games and activities including ballooning, bowling, travel products, and desert safari. The package is inclusive of major information, including police embassies, emergency telephone numbers and ambulance services.


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