Dubai – More than just another International Tourist Spot

One of the star attractions of Dubai according to me has always been its avid regard for change and progress. Even though the emirate is widely regarded all over the world as one of the most progressive Islamic states, reading all the bad press about Dubai for the past few months is enough to leave a bitter taste in the mouth. Especially for tourists coming for sightseeing in Dubai.


The ruler of Dubai and Vice President of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid did a wonderful job of

International Tourist Spot

International Tourist Spot

clamping down on the vitriol in a recent online one-on-one with journalists. His words give tourists coming in search of an Arabian adventure to the emirate a very powerful reason to visit Dubai or even make a home in the city-state.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid reasons in his interview, “We are not growing in order to be a model for its highest building in the world, best airport, and most luxurious hotel, and the largest seaport and man-made islands. These landmarks and features are unique and famous all over the world. But the Dubai model is beyond that. Dubai is an Arab city with scarce natural resources but with a clear vision of comprehensive development and social needs.”
The many sights and sounds of Dubai are beautiful no doubt, but the ruler’s words are a fantastic reminder of the reason why Dubai is actually famous internationally.
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