Horse Riding: An Adventurous Dubai City Activity

As Dubai has always been a major trading hub for merchants and traders, you will witness the presence of a large number of horses and riders here. In the past, horse riding was a major mode of transportation in Dubai. It is now famous and considered as an exciting adventure sport among the people staying here. This is how horse riding has become one of the most prominent city activities among tourists.Camel safari’sdesert camps and dune bashing/desert safari’s are not the only ways

Horse Riding in the Desert

Horse Riding

to experience the Arabian desert. Horse riding through the desert is also organized frequently. It is being encouraged and is catching up as a professional sport in UAE.
There are many centres for learning horse riding in Dubai. These centres also cater to beginners. Dubai also has a number of Horse Riding Associations that teach the disabled, as they believe that this sport relies more on the person’s will to play it and less on his/her physical ability.
You can book this exciting sport online through Dadabhai Travel and Tourism. Also check out the other activities we offer through our website Our exclusiveDubai tour packages lay out a multitude of Dubai city activities for visitors to take advantage of.

Ways To Enjoy The Blue Waters Of Dubai

Dubai is also known for hosting different types of water sports. As a tourist in Dubai, you have numerous options related to water sports to choose from. Desert skiing and snow skiing are great activities. But if you want to try out water skiing or jet skiing with the latest scooters, the Dubai creek is ideal. Dubai water skiing draws a huge number of tourists every year, as the lure of the city’s azure blue waters is too hard to resist. The warm waters of the Arabian Gulf make the grounds perfect for fishing. Deep sea fishing is practised 30-40

Way of enjoy the Blue Water

Enjoy the Blue Water

miles away from the shore in calm waters. Many fish that are caught in the gulf much nearer to all the marinas are kingfish, queenfish, Dourado (dolphin), long-tailed tuna, giant trevally, bonito, Spanish mackerel, barracudas and many more. Dadabhai Travel and Tourism take you amidst the waters in a luxury yacht for a good 4 hours along with packed lunch.
Another activity that’s possible on the Dubai Creek is a cruise on a dhow (Arabic boat). This activity lets you check out the romantic side of Dubai. The dhow cruises around places (like the Old Town and Heritage Village) that support extraordinary culture. It’s easy to try out a range of adventurous activities in Dubai through Dadabhai Travel and Tourism.

Finally, A Perfect Home For Sports Lovers

Sports City in Dubai

Dubai Activities Sports City

The Dubai Sports City Complexes offers a lifestyle of sporting action, unlimited. This city has world-class infrastructure in it for every sport that you would like to enjoy. It allows you to live the passion for any sport that interests you. A tour of this city is included in your Dubai city tour. From cricket, volleyball, baseball, field hockey, soccer to wrestling, martial arts and gymnastics Dubai Sports City has it all.
This city complex features a one-of-a-kind 18-hole championship golf course. It will also feature the most modern and advanced stadia in this part of the world. You can experience the excitement of Olympic style swimming, netball, handball, boxing, etc. almost all year round in one spot only in Dubai. This Sports City is part of a 2 billion square feet DubaiLand project that is being built with an investment of AED.18 billion.
Dubailand is where fantasy meets reality. It is becoming the ultimate and most awe-inspiring leisure, adventure, entertainment and tourism destination in the world. It has been designed to appeal to the widest tourist segments across genders, age groups, world regions and activity preferences. Tour the Dubai Sports City and Dubailand during your city tour in Dubai by making your booking with Dadabhai Travel And Tourism.

Dubai City Activities- Snow skiing

Snow in the dessert? Yes.Snow skiingis possible in Dubai, as the snow here is made indoors…

Snow skiing

Snow skiing in dubai

Ski Dubai is the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East and offers an amazing snow setting to enjoy skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing, or just playing in the snow. If you are planning to visit Dubai through sightseeing tours, this activity will most probably be included.
This Dubai ski resort is a 22,500 square meters marvel, covered with real snow. It has 5 runs that vary in difficulty, height and gradient; the longest run is 400 meters with a fall of over 60 meters. If you are worried about your kids, a large snow park, the largest in the world awaits, for parents and children to enjoy.
Thanks to Ski Dubai, anyone can enjoy skiing all year round! It is open everyday, on an average timing from 10:00 hours to 23:00 hours. You can book this city activity 90 minutes prior to closing time. Otherwise you may ask your Dubai travel company to do the same. All your skiing equipment will be provided there.
This indoor skiing facility is an impressive and ambitious piece of architecture too! That is why it comes under our Dubai city tours– Dadabhai Travel and Tourism, as this is one of the activities no tourist would ever want to miss out on.
As far as Dadabhai Travel and Tourism is concerned, snow skiing is one of the ‘must experience’ Dubai City Activities included in all our sightseeing excursions in Dubai.
If wholesome sightseeing in Dubai is what you are visiting the city for, then let our Dubai tour company – Dadabhai Travel and Tourism, be the one to get the best Dubai tour packages for you.

Romantic Dubai City Tours to Enjoy in the Evening

Tourists visiting Dubai for a unique Arabian adventure always remember one particularly startling aspect of the emirate- the stunning sunsets that suffuse the desert city at sundown.


Belly Dance

Romantic Dubai City Tours to Enjoy in the Evening

The surrounding desert is one of the main reasons for the brilliant sunsets and the city’s favorite pastime at sundown is to head to open parks or even the outskirts to catch the fading rays of the sun. Even viewed over the skyline of Dubai, you will find the views equally breathtaking.

One of the best ways to experience a summer sunset in the city is on a dhow cruise in Dubai. As the abras (water taxis) wrap up with their day’s errands, the dhows venture out on the waters. Some ferry passengers across the Creek while some take tourists on a Creek tour for sightseeing in Dubai.
dhow cruise in Dubai can also be booked for a private cruise along the Dubai Creek. Dhows are let for more than two hours for couples and private parties. Since these dhows contain more creature comforts than the average dhows or abras, they are perfect for a romantic sunset dhow cruise on Dubai Creek.  
Another great way to experience the brilliant sunsets of Dubai is to step out on a camel safari in Dubai for

Romantic Dubai City Tours to Enjoy in the Evening

Enjoy in the Evening - Camel Safari

the evening. Coordinate with your Dubai travel company for a safari tour of Dubai deserts to enjoy the sunset time of the day when you are deep in the desert.

These Dubai tour packages for desert safaris usually end at a Bedouin camp. If you are the type to prefer a heightened Arabian adventure, you could try out packages for overnight camping in the desert. It is a very safe activity and is the perfect opportunity to spend a romantic night for two deep in the calm desert. Of course, there will be guides along as well.
Select the Dubai City tours that appeal you and make a booking withOne World for a memorable and romantic tour experience.
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Catch Cricket while on your MICE in Dubai

Like many countries in this part of the world, the UAE is a big fan of the ‘gentleman’s sport’- cricket. Always ahead of the rest, Dubai is not one to be outdone. The magnificent Dubai Sports City Stadium is counted as a fine display of the city-state’s love for the sport and dedication to breath-taking architecture. 
For those attending a MICE in Dubai and interested in catching their favorite teams battle it out on the pitch, the DSC Stadium is the perfect place to indulge. Notwithstanding the vast tracts of land on which the facility is constructed, the highlight of the stadium is undoubtedly its ‘Ring of Fire’.


MICE,  Meeting

MICE in Dubai

Tourists and employees looking for anArabian adventureto remember forever will appreciate the 365 floodlights that surround the opening of the stadium and are certain to count it among other interesting sights Dubai has to offer. Illuminated in the night, the DSC Stadium blazes and sparkles.

The DSC cricket stadium is however just one of the four stadiums to be constructed in Dubai Sports City. The three other stadiums are dedicated to hockey, football/rugby and an indoor stadium for sports like ice hockey, volleyball and indoor hockey.
To get around to the DSC, visitors and cricket enthusiasts attending a MICE in Dubai can book a Dubai car rental with One World. No matter where you have made your Dubai hotel booking, we can arrange for transportation to the venue and back.
Check the newssheets for the latest cricket matches to be held in the city. If there are any matches that are post your meetings, you can always head to the stadiums and catch the action.
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Cool Dubai City Activities to Enjoy the Arabian Summer

While the months of June to September are some of the most sultry and arid months to be in Dubai, the months precluding it are no less hot.
Fortunately, there are number of interesting Dubai City activities that visitors and tourists can indulge in during this part of the year. Of course, you would have to set out properly clothed and cocooned in suntan and remember not to stay in the heat for an extended period.

However, if you are with a good Dubai travel company, you need only hire aDubai car rental to ferry you all over Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE. 

Some of theDubai tour packagesoffered at One World includes trips to water parks like Wild Wadi,Aquaventure and Dreamland. These venues are perfect for a summer cooling down for the entire

During Summer

During Summer

family. Sections devoted to different age groups make them fantastic places to beat the heat.

The malls are always an option, no matter what part of the year you are coming sightseeing in Dubai. Some great sales happen during the summer at shopping malls like Mall of the Emirates or Dubai Mallor Ibn Battuta Mall.
Mall of the Emirates even has an indoor skiing slope where artificially created snow can be enjoyed all year long. To get ahead of the summer crowd, you can make bookings with One World.
Dubai Summer Surprises, the summer counterpart to the Dubai Shopping Festival held earlier in the year, is another summerArabian adventure to look for. The shopping festival is usually held in the June-August months and takes place in air-conditioned venues, allowing people a respite from the heat.
It is however, a fact that hot summers of Dubai brings the number of European, Canadian, American, and North Asian tourists down to a significant size. The outdoor fun and activity, which marks the life in Dubai limits itself during the summer time. This does not mean that Dubai would not be fun in summers; in fact, the size of indoor activity doubles its size in summer. I have compiled a list of best things to do in Dubai during summer.
To make your Dubai hotel bookings for the summer months in Dubai, check out the options on offer at One World.

Dubai – More than just another International Tourist Spot

One of the star attractions of Dubai according to me has always been its avid regard for change and progress. Even though the emirate is widely regarded all over the world as one of the most progressive Islamic states, reading all the bad press about Dubai for the past few months is enough to leave a bitter taste in the mouth. Especially for tourists coming for sightseeing in Dubai.


The ruler of Dubai and Vice President of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid did a wonderful job of

International Tourist Spot

International Tourist Spot

clamping down on the vitriol in a recent online one-on-one with journalists. His words give tourists coming in search of an Arabian adventure to the emirate a very powerful reason to visit Dubai or even make a home in the city-state.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid reasons in his interview, “We are not growing in order to be a model for its highest building in the world, best airport, and most luxurious hotel, and the largest seaport and man-made islands. These landmarks and features are unique and famous all over the world. But the Dubai model is beyond that. Dubai is an Arab city with scarce natural resources but with a clear vision of comprehensive development and social needs.”
The many sights and sounds of Dubai are beautiful no doubt, but the ruler’s words are a fantastic reminder of the reason why Dubai is actually famous internationally.
For Dubai City tours and a hotel booking in UAE at the accommodation of your choice, visit us at our Dubai travel company. We shall show you the real Dubai and help you appreciate it better.
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Dubai City Activites – Explore the Majlis Ghorfat Umm Al Sheif

While the Majlis Ghorfat Umm Al Sheif is not that old a construction (it was built in 1955), it certainly holds an important position among some of the main heritage buildings in Dubai.


Explore the Majlis

Explore the Majlis

This building used to be the summer retreat of the royal family and on occasion, an important meetinghouse for the people who used to make Dubai tick. The Late Sheikh Rashid Bin Sayeed Al Maktoum presided over these meetings in the main hall of this simple and traditionally constructed structure.

Named after the Umm Al Sheif pearl fishing bank, the Majlis Ghorfat is an unusual, largely because of its design. The architecture leans more towards the practical than the aesthetic and is especially adapted to provide respite from the summer heat by way of large shutter less windows.
Dubai City tours of the heritage structure are allowed and tourists can even enjoy an opportunity to check the interiors of the two-storied building. Tourists coming for sightseeing in Dubai can visit the Majlis Ghorfat between 8am to 9pm.
Incase you have not made any Dubai hotel booking or opted for a tourist package, you can hire a Dubai car rental to ferry you to and from the place.
The Majlis is located in Jumeirah and is very close to the beach. It is currently unoccupied and serves mainly as a museum of sorts for visitors. The items used by the royal family are preserved intact and are on open display for tourists to admire.
Contact an established Dubai travel company like One World to make your bookings to view this slice of Dubai heritage.

Dubai – The Land of Shopping? Yes!

If things continue at the pace they are going, Dubai will have the distinction of possessing the highest per capita shopping space come 2010. In a recent byte, the President of the Middle East Council of Shopping Centers predicted that the emirate would have a shopping space amounting to 25.3 square foot per head, the highest in the world, by next year.


Dubai, it seems is all set to be known as the land of serious shopping.
One of the sightseeing activities included in ourDubai tour packagesincludes trips to the popular malls of

Dubai Shopping Tour

Dubai Shopping Tour

Dubai. Tourists coming in for sightseeing in Dubai quite enjoy these excursions, as the bargains to be had in Dubai are some of the best in the Middle East.

Our Dubai travel companycan ferry you around shopping hotspots like theMall of the EmiratesIbn Battuta and Deira City Center. Incase you have not booked any tour packages with us you could still take advantage of the Dubai car rental service we offer.
There are varied Dubai car rental options as well. Depending on the duration of your stay, you could opt for a self-driven package or you could book a chauffer service.
Most hotel apartments in Dubai have excellent concierge services to help tourists who want to go on Dubai City tours. It is easy to arrange it before setting out on your tour trip.
This again is an orientation tour on Dubai’s shopping wonders. Begin with a halt at ‘City Centre’ one of the biggest malls in Deira Dubai, after which we proceed to Bur Dubai for a short walk through ‘Bur Juman’ shopping center. After visiting both the malls we proceed to explore the bargains at the Gold Souq and savor the aroma of exotic spices while strolling through the spice souq.
Shopping is fun in Dubai and if your Dubai travel company is good, you need not walk or take public transport to whichever part of Dubai you would like to visit.
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