Lonely Planet’s 10 best places to have a mid-life crisis

Recently, a catchy article caught my attention in one of the regular newsletter emails I receive. ¬†Lonely Planet’s 10 best places to have a mid-life crisis.

First on the list is Badda bling, Dubai, UAE!  Below is the complete list.

  1. Badda bling, Dubai, UAE
  2. Get your kicks, ROute 66, USA
  3. Shaken, not stirred, Monte Carlo, Monaco
  4. Say “om”, Rishkesh, India
  5. Say “I do”, not ‘Who are you?’, Las Vegas, USA
  6. Time for a nip and tuck
  7. Gamble the kids’ inheritance, Macau
  8. Round the bend, Silverstone, England
  9. Beating baddies and getting the gil, Petra, Jordan
  10. Jaws indoors, Sydney & Melbourne, Australia

You can read the full article Here

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