Things that might Turn you off your Arabian Adventure but Should be Ignored

This is something really shocking and at Dadabhai Travels we wish that it were not true. But sadly, the Dubai Police are threatening to ‘commercially boycott’ employers in Dubai arbitrarily laying off nationals in the name of recession.
Dubai Police

Dubai Police headquarters

According to our Abu Dhabi travel company, there should not be any discrimination on part of anyone in hiring or sacking employees. Dubai and consequently even the tourism department is in equal need of expatriates as it needs nationals and it is only fair that both groups are given due consideration.

Additionally, doom-reporting tactics on how the recession is making many people leave everything- their properties, cars, credit cards, et al need to stop. In a nod to UAB, whatever happened to positive thinking everybody?
Yes, Dubai has been through upheavals, but currently the city-state boasts of an Emirati-Expat ratio of 2:8. A difference that should notbe taken lightly.
That being said, we would like to add that coming to the Emirate forsightseeing in Dubai could be a lovely experience. Yes, the going is tough for many people, but now is a good time to visit Dubai as theDubai tour packages and hotel booking in UAE are running at amazing discounts.
If you are an expatriate or foreign visitor, then unfamiliarity with the language or some traditional customs might be a hurdle when it comes to making a Dubai hotel booking. To make the best of thesightseeing in Dubai hire a consultant who can better understand your needs.
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