Horse Riding: An Adventurous Dubai City Activity

As Dubai has always been a major trading hub for merchants and traders, you will witness the presence of a large number of horses and riders here. In the past, horse riding was a major mode of transportation in Dubai. It is now famous and considered as an exciting adventure sport among the people staying here. This is how horse riding has become one of the most prominent city activities among tourists.Camel safari’sdesert camps and dune bashing/desert safari’s are not the only ways

Horse Riding in the Desert

Horse Riding

to experience the Arabian desert. Horse riding through the desert is also organized frequently. It is being encouraged and is catching up as a professional sport in UAE.
There are many centres for learning horse riding in Dubai. These centres also cater to beginners. Dubai also has a number of Horse Riding Associations that teach the disabled, as they believe that this sport relies more on the person’s will to play it and less on his/her physical ability.
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