Privacy Policy


IEffectual from June 2012
Dadabhai Travel ensures that the data collected of your personal information is kept secured. The personal data you provide us is classified as private and confidential according to the privacy legislation. Dadabhai Travel’s privacy policy encompasses of the information regarding how your data is collected and used.
No information is gathered without your authorization.
Except for as outlined in the policy, all your data is kept secured from any other entity.
You will have all access to view, update, edit or remove your data at any point of time.
The data you provide will only be used to benefit you with our products and services suiting your needs and requirements.

The terms used in the website are thus defined as under:
"Book": Make a reservation.
"Cookie": A file sent for personalization to remember your last visit for future relevance or identification from a computer’s browser.
"Guests": A person who can visit and book through the website without registration.
"Members": A person who has registered by providing personal details and is a member. A member has individual username and password.
"Member Username": Identification name for a user with its password.
"Dadabhai Travel" or "We" means the Dadabhai Travels LLC
"Personal Information": It refers to an individual’s personal information including email address, billing details, account details etc.
"Products and Services": The range of items available on the website.
"Session Data": It stores user information like internet browser type, operating system type, domain name, date, time, location, duration, and number of visits of the user.
"Subscriber": You can subscribe yourself to Dadabhai Travel and receive various special offers and promotions through our website without logging in as a member.
"User": Guest of member of Dadabhai Travel.
"Website": It refers to our website and sub websites that are offering our products and services.

When you submit your personal information and details on our website, we are authorized to use your information within the context of privacy policy and laws. This information will be primarily used to meet your needs and offer you various products and services. If you do not agree to this term, please avoid submitting your personal information. Please note that however your personal information may be required by us to offer you our products are services.


When just are visiting the website you may view certain areas of our website. However some may require you to register and provide your personal information.
In order to book a product or service from our website you would be required to provide billing information for payments.

Subscribing would require you to provide your name and email address so that we may send you our offers and promotions.

When you contact our customer services for any of your query regarding a previously existing booking, making a new one or regarding any of our products and services we may ask you some information in order to better assist you. This information may require you to provide us your name, email address, mailing address of billing details in case of a pre-existing booking.

Upon receiving our e-mails and e-newsletters when you refer us to a friend we may send the information regarding that particular promotion to your referred friend once. This information would not be used for any further marketing correspondences.

The personal information you provide will be used only in the following cases:
To offer you our products and services that may be of particular interest to you.

To communicate with you regarding your specific travelling plans.

To issue you invoices and payment details of your reservations with us.

To monitor your reservations, amendments and any other related details.

To send you email and e-newsletters regarding our processes and procedures also informing you on new promotions and offers if you have subscribed yourself with us.
To offer you apart from our products and services, those of our partner concerns with which we have official agreements and contracts with.

To evaluate our performance as well as that of the third party hotels from our clients to avoid any error, negligence or any other illegal activity.

Evaluation leads to further improvement of our products and services so that we may satisfy your needs to its best.
To comply with our rules and regulations as stated in our terms and conditions and policies.
To serve any other purposes that you might want us to assist you for.

If we receive any request for disclosing your information from the law of court regarding any legal action to be taken. Upon receipt of such a request we will try to contact you on the information you have provided us may it be a contact number or an email address before responding to that request.
If there is any emergency when there is a life and death issue involved.
When you have not cleared your dues and we need to recover our payments from you.

Your personal information or data will be stored on Dadabhai Travel servers and will be retained as long as required. We may retain your information till the end of your association with us or even after that for an issue that may arise later where we will require your data. This data will be secured and will be kept to avoid any fraudulent or illegal activity.

At Dadabhai Travel our priority will be to avoid any misuse, risk of loss or unauthorized disclosure of the personal information you provide through our website. All of this data is kept secured. However please note that any information that may be transmitted to us over the World Wide Web may not be secured and we will not be liable to any such loss or misuse of information.
When you book or reserves with us by providing your credit card details, we make sure that these details are protected. Your credit card details are encrypted for each booking transaction you make. Credit card details are kept secured at all times using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. This credit card details will only be used to make payments for the bookings you authorize and will never be transmitted or disclosed to any unauthorized third party for any other purpose whatsoever.
Any emails or e-newsletters we send are available in plain text format for your convenience as most of our subscribers may not be able to convert the encrypted content of the emails. Any alteration or misrouting of such data is possible due to the lack of security.

For any changes or corrections to be made in your information we possess you can either email us at bookings@dadabhaitravel.ae or you can visit our homepage.
At any point of time if you wish to cancel your registration with us, just notify us by sending an email at bookings@dadabhaitravel.ae.
If you would like us to remove all your records and information for any reason, just inform us and we will do so. However please note to use any of our products and services you would be required to then re-register with us.
Also if there is any legal binding we might not be able to remove your record.


A cookie is a file that is sent to your computer when you visit our website and then your computer system returns it back to us with a unique identification number. This number helps us identify the user browser and your visit but not the user until you register with us providing your personal information.
Your browser by default accepts cookies but you can alter and choose not to accept cookies by editing the options of your browser.
If your browser doesn’t accept cookies you may not be able to view our products and services.

We have agreements with third parties and we publish third party advertisements on our website which are of related industry or which we think might be of interest to you. These business partners share your session data but none of your personal information is shared with them. Session data is shared to keep track of which ads you have visited and seems interested in. so any information you provide us while registering with us will be at no point shared with our third party partners.
However when you click and visit a third party website their privacy policy may be different from ours and we will not be liable for any such visit to a third party website. We advise you to thoroughly review the third party privacy policy when you visit any such website.

Our special offers and hot deals are sent to you via email only if you subscribe us to do so. We send these offers frequently to provide you the best services. We aim to provide our members with the best possible discounted rates and extraordinary services.
If for any reason at any time you do not want us to send these promotional emails you can always unsubscribe yourself by clicking on a link at the bottom of each such emails.

Dadabhai Travel is authorized to alter or censor any information received through its website from user which it feels while screening is inappropriate. For maintaining the quality and standards this information might be copied for monitoring and altering.

Dadabhai Travel is authorized to make necessary changes in the privacy policy from time to time. Your continued registration with us and using our products and services published on the website will imply that you agree with any changes made in the privacy policy.
If however for any reason you do not agree with any of the changes made you may ask us to un-register you and remove all your records and personal information we have.

If you have any queries regarding the privacy policy or any other issue you may contact us at bookings@dadabhaitravel.ae. All emails or queries received on this email address will be replied within 5 working days. If you have any queries regarding a specific booking please email or call our customer service center.