Car Hires

Dubai Car  Hire and rental

Depending on the type of trip you are planning on making you can choose from a wide selection of vehicles. Dubai car rentals can be done on the Budget or Economy rental models or the Luxury models. Dadabhai Travel Dubai Tour Packages allow you to browse and select the rental models best suited for you.
When you select a car for rental in Dubai or elsewhere in the U.A.E., you can rest easy in the knowledge that you have selected an affordable and dependable vehicle- one that is available for you whenever you want it and wherever you want it. This is largely possible because Dadabhai Travel Dubai car rentals are spread over an extensive network.
Daily Rental
Dadabhai Travel confirms your booking instantly and the car of your choosing is delivered to you for use for a day or more. You also have the option to pick up your car in one location and return it to another area in the U.A.E, making it excellent for shuttling between meetings and rendezvous points.

Weekly Rental
The long-term rentals offered at Dadabhai Travel begin with weekly rentals. These long-term Dubai car rental schemes grant user privileges like better pricing, usage and mileage.

Monthly Rental               
Should you be looking for a monthly vehicular rental, Dadabhai Travel has a different Self Drive Dubai car rental option. Monthly rentals bestow the user with pricing, usage and mileage privileges.

 Yearly Rental   
For those looking at a yearly rental option we have very attractive Dubai car rental packages on a wide range of all-terrain and utility vehicles. One World’s pricing for these rental options are very competitive and have been combined with a host of special benefits so that you get a great deal.