Summer Combo Fun

Summer solstice just passed a couple of days ago and though the day will start becoming shorter, the hottest day in Dubai is yet to come.
One of the highest temperature recorded in Dubai was around 47.5 degrees last 1999. And

every year it is getting hotter! Last 2008, Dubai recorded a sweltering 51.4 degrees at
Minhad Airport, an inland military base on the last week of June.

During these times, tourists and local families are likely to go for water fun activities like going to the beach and resorts or cruising or shopping at air conditioned malls. With this in mind, Dadabhai Travel has programmed several tours which are likely to be a great activity this summer. Tourists and families can avail of the discounted combo rates and save a lot on their summer outing budget by going for two (2) tours instead of just one (1). Dubai is very famous for its desert safari and modern architecture. The desert safari usually sells from AED 139 up to AED 260 and the Wild Wadi tickets go for AED 205 each. With Dadabhai Travel Wild Wadi Safari Combo, you can have both for only AED 275 per person! You will save from AED 139 per person!

Here’s a complete list of the Summer Combo Fun packages from Dadabhai Travel:

Summer Combo Fun

Summer Combo Fun

• Aquaventure Safari Combo @ AED 290 per person
• Atlantis Safari Combo @ AED 350 per person
• Creek Cruise Safari Combo @ AED 199 per person
• Marina Cruise Safari Combo @ AED 290 per person
• Iceland Safari Combo @ AED 260 per person
• Dubai Tour Safari Combo @ AED 199 per person
• Marina Cruise Dubai Tour Combo @ AED 260 per person
• Wonder Bus Safari Combo @ AED 260 per person

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