Dubai City Activities- Burj Al Arab

Dubai Activities

Dubai City Activities

Resembling the sail of a traditional Arabic Dhow, the Burj Al Arab hotel is iconic. As of 2009 it is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world.This hotel built on an artificial island, opposite the Wild Wadi Waterpark, has just over 200 luxuriously furnished duplex suites on 28 floors with a concierge on each floor. The Burj Al Arab like the other hotels in Dubai also provides discounts beginning from the month of June if you wish to stay there during your Dubai tour.
If not, then you can always make the famous Burj Al Arab a part of your Dubai city activities just so you can experience exquisite furnishings, luxurious fittings, the luxurious atmosphere of the world’s tallest atrium and standards of personal service exceeding the expectations of the most discerning guests.
Above all, the Burj Al Arab offers delectable food. You can choose from a sumptuous selection of 9 different Tapas choices from a live cooking station while listening to the calm musical geniuses of the Jazz duet- DihannDubai Activities Duo in the Burj Al Arab.
Before making your own bookings at the Burj Al Arab Hotel, be sure to check the timings of the different graceful experiences available. Otherwise, allow Dadabhai Travel and Tourism to provide you with an extraordinary vacation in Dubai.

Finally, A Perfect Home For Sports Lovers

Sports City in Dubai

Dubai Activities Sports City

The Dubai Sports City Complexes offers a lifestyle of sporting action, unlimited. This city has world-class infrastructure in it for every sport that you would like to enjoy. It allows you to live the passion for any sport that interests you. A tour of this city is included in your Dubai city tour. From cricket, volleyball, baseball, field hockey, soccer to wrestling, martial arts and gymnastics Dubai Sports City has it all.
This city complex features a one-of-a-kind 18-hole championship golf course. It will also feature the most modern and advanced stadia in this part of the world. You can experience the excitement of Olympic style swimming, netball, handball, boxing, etc. almost all year round in one spot only in Dubai. This Sports City is part of a 2 billion square feet DubaiLand project that is being built with an investment of AED.18 billion.
Dubailand is where fantasy meets reality. It is becoming the ultimate and most awe-inspiring leisure, adventure, entertainment and tourism destination in the world. It has been designed to appeal to the widest tourist segments across genders, age groups, world regions and activity preferences. Tour the Dubai Sports City and Dubailand during your city tour in Dubai by making your booking with Dadabhai Travel And Tourism.

Ways To Enjoy The Blue Waters Of Dubai

Dubai is also known for hosting different types of water sports. As a tourist in Dubai, you have numerous options related to water sports to choose from. Desert skiing and snow skiing are great activities. But if you want to try out water skiing or jet skiing with the latest scooters, the Dubai creek is ideal. Dubai water skiing draws a huge number of tourists every year, as the lure of the city’s azure blue waters is too hard to resist. The warm waters of the Arabian Gulf make the grounds perfect for fishing. Deep sea fishing is practised 30-40

Way of enjoy the Blue Water

Enjoy the Blue Water

miles away from the shore in calm waters. Many fish that are caught in the gulf much nearer to all the marinas are kingfish, queenfish, Dourado (dolphin), long-tailed tuna, giant trevally, bonito, Spanish mackerel, barracudas and many more. Dadabhai Travel and Tourism take you amidst the waters in a luxury yacht for a good 4 hours along with packed lunch.
Another activity that’s possible on the Dubai Creek is a cruise on a dhow (Arabic boat). This activity lets you check out the romantic side of Dubai. The dhow cruises around places (like the Old Town and Heritage Village) that support extraordinary culture. It’s easy to try out a range of adventurous activities in Dubai through Dadabhai Travel and Tourism.

Horse Riding: An Adventurous Dubai City Activity

As Dubai has always been a major trading hub for merchants and traders, you will witness the presence of a large number of horses and riders here. In the past, horse riding was a major mode of transportation in Dubai. It is now famous and considered as an exciting adventure sport among the people staying here. This is how horse riding has become one of the most prominent city activities among tourists.Camel safari’sdesert camps and dune bashing/desert safari’s are not the only ways

Horse Riding in the Desert

Horse Riding

to experience the Arabian desert. Horse riding through the desert is also organized frequently. It is being encouraged and is catching up as a professional sport in UAE.
There are many centres for learning horse riding in Dubai. These centres also cater to beginners. Dubai also has a number of Horse Riding Associations that teach the disabled, as they believe that this sport relies more on the person’s will to play it and less on his/her physical ability.
You can book this exciting sport online through Dadabhai Travel and Tourism. Also check out the other activities we offer through our website Our exclusiveDubai tour packages lay out a multitude of Dubai city activities for visitors to take advantage of.

Dubai City Activities- Snow skiing

Snow in the dessert? Yes.Snow skiingis possible in Dubai, as the snow here is made indoors…

Snow skiing

Snow skiing in dubai

Ski Dubai is the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East and offers an amazing snow setting to enjoy skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing, or just playing in the snow. If you are planning to visit Dubai through sightseeing tours, this activity will most probably be included.
This Dubai ski resort is a 22,500 square meters marvel, covered with real snow. It has 5 runs that vary in difficulty, height and gradient; the longest run is 400 meters with a fall of over 60 meters. If you are worried about your kids, a large snow park, the largest in the world awaits, for parents and children to enjoy.
Thanks to Ski Dubai, anyone can enjoy skiing all year round! It is open everyday, on an average timing from 10:00 hours to 23:00 hours. You can book this city activity 90 minutes prior to closing time. Otherwise you may ask your Dubai travel company to do the same. All your skiing equipment will be provided there.
This indoor skiing facility is an impressive and ambitious piece of architecture too! That is why it comes under our Dubai city tours– Dadabhai Travel and Tourism, as this is one of the activities no tourist would ever want to miss out on.
As far as Dadabhai Travel and Tourism is concerned, snow skiing is one of the ‘must experience’ Dubai City Activities included in all our sightseeing excursions in Dubai.
If wholesome sightseeing in Dubai is what you are visiting the city for, then let our Dubai tour company – Dadabhai Travel and Tourism, be the one to get the best Dubai tour packages for you.

Luxury Hotels and Hotel Apartments In Dubai

On a vacation in Dubai, you never get bored; as Dubai is just a fantastic place to be -vacation or no vacation. Apart from all theDubai city activities like sightseeing, deep sea fishing, hot air balloon rides, indoor snow skiingcamel safari, mountaineering, a lazy dhow cruise in Dubai canals and creeks and much more activities available for the quintessential Dubai experience; (DSS) Dubai, Summer Surprise starts in the middle

Luxury Hotels and Hotel Apartments In Dubai

Luxury Hotels and Hotel Apartments In Dubai

of June where you can enjoy shopping in the greatest malls in the world. Incidentally, the hotel rates also lower from the 1st of June. That completes the reason for you to spend your holidays here all the more…
Finding a good place to stay during your vacation in Dubai is not difficult; especially with the help of Dadabhai Travel and Tourism. Any hotel booking in U.A.E. done via Dadabhai Travel and Tourism brings you the advantage of excellent entertainment, dining and accommodation options.
We also provide a lot of options for a memorable stay in Dubai, according to what you desire. You can choose from an extensive network of 5 star, 4 star, 3 star and 2 star hotels as well as hotel apartments in our list.
If your travel budget that does not permit a stay in a five-star accommodation then you could check out the comfortable and more-than-rudimentary options that three-stars and two-stars have to offer. Dadabhai Travel and Tourism can assist you in making Dubai hotel bookings and even enjoy the highly comfortable benefits of hotel apartments in Dubai.We bring you the finest in the Dubai living experience, which can be found at luxury hotels in Dubai and in the U.A.E.
Dadabhai Travel and Tourism provide fantastic Dubai tour packages coupled with Dubai city activities for your pleasant stay in Dubai. What more do you need to enjoy your stay in this magnificent city!

Sightseeing in Dubai sans Worry about Finances

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Coming back to the objective of this blog, has anyone noticed the brouhaha being made over our fair Emirate and its financial status or lack of it by the Western media?

It is deeply demoralizing for the people residing in Dubai. As an Abu Dhabi travel company, we shall have you know that there are a number of people still coming into Dubai to stay and to enjoy the myriad attractions it has on offer.
I feel the best thing about Dubai is its regenerative nature. Reinvention and progress are two things the city-state has taken into its stride. This is one of the main reasons why there are people visiting Dubai not only for Dubai City tours and shopping but also for residence.
If you are planning a MICE in Dubai or a vacation, then this a very good time to visit. The DSF may have ended, but there are still a lot of traditional attractions that make summer a memorable time to stay in Dubai.
You could book a stay in any of the luxury hotels in Dubai or simply rough it out on a safari tour in Dubai (within ac dwellings). Visit Dadabhai Travels to book the perfect summer Arabian adventure.
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